How to cut costs in software development

Cutting Costs

Are you paying too much for software development and maintenance?

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How to reduce waste and cut costs

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Send us five source code files, and we'll tell you how maintainable they are! And we'll give you your money back when you order a Quick Scan.

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Are you experiencing these symptoms of waste, risk and unnecessary cost?

If so, you are dealing with software with poor maintain­ability. Don't worry, you are not alone: it's a common complaint and it can be measured and resolved. In fact there is an international standard for the measurement of software quality, ISO/IEC 25010, which defines software maintain­ability in terms of five sub-characteristics: analyzab­ility, modifiab­ility, testabil­ity, modular­ity and reusab­ility.

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We give a 100% money-back guarantee that an OSQR Quick Scan will give you insight into the maintainability of your software.

Our experts will measure your source code against the IfSQ Level-1 Standard, produce a detailed report and plot the result on the IfSQ Software Decay Spectrum.

The report will reveal hidden defects which impact the analyzab­ility, modifiab­ility, testabil­ity, modular­ity and reusab­ility of your software.

If your application is in the A-zone of the spectrum, you can safely target your resources elsewhere. If it is in the Caution, Danger or F-zone, we’ll help you to identify quick wins and tell you how to make your systems more reliable.

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We deliver the draft report for a quick scan inspection within four working days of receipt of the source code.

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